Esther Miquel is a multidisciplinary designer born in Barcelona. Her career has developed between the graphic design and visual art. In recent years she has worked on various projects focused in creative direction and editorial design within the arts, architecture, and fashion fields. Her work is defined by the balance between timeless and contemporary with a particular focus on the artistic sensibility and experimental design, adapting to the needs of each project.

Graphic Design (unrealised concept)

Concept and Video. Watch here

Peace For Your Eyes IV
Peace For Your Eyes (Silk or Modal Square Scarf and Men’s Silk or Cotton Pocket Square) collection x VIDA

Concept and Graphic Design for @albandco

Concept and Graphic Design. Brochure.

Concept and Video

Editorial Design

Concept and Graphic Design. 'Comparativa Gestual' is project about different body language interpretations. Body language is one of the most basic forms of human communication (nonverbal communication) where thoughts, intentions, or feelings are expressed by physical behaviors, such as facial expressions, body posture, gestures, eyes movement, touch and the use of space. Interpretations may vary from country to country, or culture to culture. There is controversy on whether body language is universal. (All images were stolen from the internet).

Peace Four Your Eyes XII

“Water from the Mediterranean Sea in Stamford”. This sample contains water from the Mediterranean Sea. Through the process of evaporation, the water will turn into vapor, and inevitably, into humidity. The visitors of the exhibition will inhale the vapor of the water, making it circulate throughout the exhibition space, contributing to the generation of condensation and enabling the formation of clouds in the upper layers of the atmosphere. The seawater from Barcelona will turn into Stamford vapor.

Video. SICCUS, 2016. Magnifying a picture of a dry mud and a cracked desert it visualizes the notion that all spaces are merged. The black crack looks wet after the intentional macro zoom. Interconnectivity and ambiguity, how the perception plays in our lives, how we understand the things around us.

Concept and Branding. (3) Eau de parfum

Cars 2016

Poster. Thirstily, Thirsty, Thirty

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Worked for: CCCB (Contemporary Cultural Center of Barcelona), Arts Santa Mònica. Contemporary and multidisciplinary art space, Camper, CoNCA (The Catalan National Council for Culture and Arts), Bd Barcelona Design, Generalitat de Catalunya. Departament de Cultura (Government of Catalonia. Cultural Department), Barcelona City Council, La Virreina, BLANC Festival, Mercat de les Flors. Contemporary dance center of Barcelona, Sant Andreu Contemporani (SAC), Vola, Expo de Zaragoza, Lagencia, OD, Jungmaven, Smith & Cult, Anaïs & Dax, BYOB, Foundation, Festa del Grafisme, Mercado de Navidad Tropical, Konvent.0 and more.

Collaborated with: Mike Swaney, Yannick Val Gesto, Bendita Gloria, Carol Montpart, Dani Navarro, Ramón Úbeda, Massimiliano Bomba, Edu Martinez Piraces, Marti Canillas, Ken Seeno and Juan Areizaga.

Feel free to contact me. Commissions and collaborations welcome.

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