Esther Miquel

Simple and everyday scenes.
Interested in what is reflected, in shiny surfaces and materials because they are good reflectors of visible light.

I also like water.

Immediacy. Intangibility. Impermanence.

Perceived consciously.

The tree is looking at the dead tree that turned into a window


Fountains and Cascades Collection, 2010-ongoing
H2O direction, 2014
NOW, 2010-2013
Sand-Tech, 2013
Autonomous Creation, 2012

Iím the founder and curator of MADERAPATIO a web/blog art magazine which particularly looks for the non-standard and the irregular, the bruised, subverted and shameless, the arbitrary processes and altered practices. Just because thereís something deeply honest in all that.

And Iíve produced other projects as an Art Director and Graphic Designer :)

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