Esther Miquel

Simple and everyday scenes. I also like water.
Because beauty is everywhere.

iOS Folder. Because beauty is everywhere, 2012-ongoing (Instagram @esthermiquel)

H2O direction, 2014
Occidental El Embajador Hotel, room 351, 2013
Untitled (Solar Sound Waves), 2013
NOW, 2010-2013

Copy and paste (with and without hair), 2013
Untitled (MNT), 2012
Autonomous Creation, 2012
Bandera Matriz Universal, 2012
Chakras, 2012
BYOB BCN, 2011
Sculpture, 2010
When Down, 2010
Yanquimera installation, 2010
Protractus at 34:90 EP, 2009
Crítor. Qompendium VOL 1, 2009
Kosmos Channel (TV channel), 2009
Comparativa Gestual. Graduation project, 2009
“Arrived” & “At Sea” (Instructional Sea), 2009
Les hommes et les femmes, 2008

Particularly focusing on what happens at the edge, MADERAPATIO looks for the non-standard and the irregular, the bruised, subverted and shameless, the arbitrary processes and altered practices. Just because there’s something deeply honest in all that.


© 2014 Esther Miquel